INTRODUCTION OF Evolution of a Queen

What is Evolution of a Queen?
The Evolution of a Queen is a blog that will showcase the journey of A.D.Reigns as a wife,mother,plus-size model , boutique owner, entrepreneur and whatever else God wills. Blogs will include interviews with people in the fashion entertainment, and various business. The blog will address everyday issues such as family, finance, modeling, health, and relationships. Reviews of everyday products, fashion shows, financial and entrepreneurial seminars. An occasional DIY project. Love to save money.

Who is A.D.Reigns?
I'm a Wife, Mother, Plus-size Model,  Blogger, Boutique owner, Entrepreneur and Brand Ambassador. I love to travel, networking and meeting new people. I encourage women to embrace every curve, challenge or obstacle in life its preparing you for your future. I believe everything should be done with a spirit of excellence.You are your brand. Everyday is an opportunity for an improved version of you. Never settle for being average when you can be amazing. 

Goal of Evolution of a Queen

To inspire people to become an improved version of themselves thru empowerment, knowledge of self, and practical application while discovering your own truths. 


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