Walking with Innovators Gwen Devoe and Sharon Quinn


When the Innovators of Full-Figured Fashion Week offer a Runway Intensive Class you make moves to be in that class. I could not pass up this opportunity to gain knowledge and training with these two powerhouses. This was a first come first serve opportunity. This was a small intimate class offered by founder and CEO of Full-Figured Fashion Week Ms. Gwen DeVoe and The Runway Diva Ms. Sharon Quinn. If you missed this, let me tell you this was a game changing opportunity. Let me give you some of the highlights from this intimate session.
Mogul Gwen Devoe and Runway Diva Sharon Quinn with
Silver Foxes and Runway Diva in Training

 The class consisted of about 15-20 women. Most of the women that attended are models at different stages in their careers. Opening the class we discussed some of the industry standards, the body positive movement, composite cards, posing, selecting a team for your photo shoots . As well as how not to be type cast within the industry. They touched on how important branding and investing in your craft is for your modeling career. Both ladies gave great advice on being your best within the industry.
The second half of the class of course was the Runway Intensive. Boy, was it intense. These ladies did not come to play. We were given pointers on how to blaze the runway. What your stride should look like on the runway and how to pose at the end of the runway. Make the most of your moment in front of the cameras ladies.
It wouldn't 't be a Runway Intensive if there wasn't a competition. Now you know there had to be a walk off....Team Devoe verses Team Quinn. Each coach chose three members from their group to represent their team. Let's just say Team Quinn brought the heat while the Silver Foxes burned down the building down. This was so much fun. 

A.D. Reigns and Runway/Model Coach Sharon Quinn

Of course we had to talk about the casting calls for Full-Figured Fashion Week and the event itself. As always ladies your are encouraged to bring your A-Game to the casting call. This a job interview ladies so put your best foot forward. Listed below is the link to the cast tour schedule. There are only two more dates left. 
If you think you have what it takes to be the Face of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2018 then click the link below to get started with your submission.

What these ladies have planned for the 10th Anniversary of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2018....Let's just say you don't want to miss this epic event . Stay tuned to get your tickets for the All White Party and Full-Figured Fashion Week before they sell out!!! 


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