Evolution of a Queen Interview with Crusade of Curves Mallory B. Richardson

Mallory B. Richardson Photo Credit: Jose Pagan

Just recently I attended the 2018 Crusade of Curves Week in Raleigh North Carolina, produced by one of my model queens turned producer Mallory B. Richardson.  She is the owner of The Doll House, Founder of Beaucoup and Creator of the Annual Crusade of Curves event and a friend. After a week full of events I finally got a chance to interview this lovely. Check out our interview.

A.D. Reigns: What gave you the inspiration to produce Crusade of Curves? 
Mallory B. Richardson: North Carolina needed an outlet for curvy and body inclusive influencers to see quality fashion, garner relationships with industry trailblazers, and a mechanism to financially support small businesses, thus the creation of Crusade of Curves.  I picked the name because it was powerful and reinforced my passion of partnership and togetherness for a cause, this cause… curves.
A.D. Reigns: Who or what inspires and motivates you daily?
Mallory B. Richardson: The young ladies I mentor and guide.  They keep me motivated in a way that propels my continued development.  I have gotten so much from the communities I serve, to take my light years into the future for all the amazing things I have planned for my professional life.  Additionally, those influencers that create new and innovative ways to engage diverse audiences and create fresh insight on future developments in fashion.  Business intrigues me, the things I do and don’t know, the things I am still creating understanding of… they challenge me to continue my strides in growing my knowledge base and network.

A.D. Reigns:  Who are some of your Mentors and why?
Mallory B. Richardson: Gwen Devoe – her tenacity, strong will to impact and consistency with creating a viable international brand. Debbie Shannon – Selfless, very knowledgeable about the industry and sincerely values true relationships and building support networks. Atoya Bellamy – my business partner.  She is full of knowledge and ambition to win!  As a fellow Native American woman, she and I have an understanding about how to further develop our people and our platforms at the same time. She offers unique perspective and invaluable experience in accounting, business development and mental health. My Parents – As my father is a serial entrepreneur and my mother has served as a nurse for over 30 years, they both have quite a bit of knowledge to share with me on my journey to success.  They are the core of my ethical business practices standards.  They have always been ideal influences in business as our family has owned and operated several businesses over the course of my life, they are invested in my growth indefinitely and want to see me do it the right way. Jerard Wiggins – he gets to the grit!  Semi personable, however genius with networking, brand building, and skillset.  He is a self-taught, self-motivated and more than ever learning ways to continue creating a lifestyle for music and fashion.
A.D. Reigns:  If you could change one thing about the Fashion and Modeling industry, what would it be and why?  
Mallory B. Richardson: I would create more opportunities for scouts to connect with freelance models and brands especially interested in recruiting models directly.  The issue I see most often is that freelance and practicing novice models can't seem to connect directly with brands, they somehow often get shadowed by they peer agency signed models.  These differences tend to create lack of opportunities for freelancers to really make strides in their development as full time models.   If I had capacity to change this, I would.  I think brands and major event producers should consider freelancers and agency models alike.  I understand the leverage comes with agency models as the producer doesn’t have to cast and be as hands on, however it take away huge visibility platforms from some models that are equally as talented and just unsigned.
A.D. Reigns:   What advice would you give to aspiring producers trying to put on an event in Fashion industry?
Mallory B. Richardson: Do your research, build a viable following and support system and stay connected by supporting others along the way.  Production takes time, lots of money and will test your will to see it through.  Venues, contracts, money, décor, timing, and website and social media platforms plus daily email correspondence will make your head spin.  Develop a team of trusted and like minded people to help you maximize your event penetration and ease your mind during the creative process.
A.D. Reigns: What is the biggest challenge producing a fashion event?
Mallory B. Richardson: Managing your finances and time.  With both aspects, you will have pitfalls and windows of failure if you aren’t prepared or aren’t willing to be flexible.  Budgeting and time management is everything.  If you project a goal for financing and don’t reach it… do you have a back up? Or modified version?  If someone on your team is unable to fulfill their responsibilities… how will you manage?  These are two areas people should really plan for and consider in the process developing an event.
A.D. Reigns:   What are some of your latest and upcoming projects?

Mallory B. Richardson: As I am still in the creative process of strategizing a roll out of my upcoming projects, I won’t  be able to comment at this time, however these are fresh and exciting ideas to help elevate and deviate from existing events, programs and seminars… stay tuned.
I will continue to tour with Jose Pagan throughout 2018 with my Model Mentor Series.  My next stops will be in Toronto, Philadelphia, Ohio and Miami… we are still booking slots via email at bookmalloryb@gmail.com and www.phototourwithjosepagan.com
A.D. Reigns:   Who are some of your favorite designers and/or models and why?

Mallory B. Richardson: Christian Siriano, Christian Omeshun, Matthew Paul Robinson, Jibri  Models:  Precious Lee, Fluvia Lacerda, Christina Mendez, Frankie Tavares, Liris Crosse, Wondrea Gilbert, Devorah Story, Caterina Moda
A.D. Reigns:   What was your most memorable moment during the event?
Mallory B. Richardson: OMG!  This is so tough!  My favorite moment was pausing and looking into the audience at the runway show, and seeing the looks on peoples faces, their dancing bodies in the background and smiles amidst the crowd.  I was so proud.  I knew I changed the game for the Carolinians in fashion and curves.  It was truly rewarding to have that moment with myself after all I have been through to push this event into its proper place… the forefront of events hosted in North Carolina.
A.D. Reigns:   What does success look like for Crusade of Curves?  
Mallory B. Richardson:  Continued sponsor relationships ,Stabilization of venue and attendees ,Growth of attendees from outside of NC.  This year, we hosted international guest.  Next year, I want more local media, magazines and radio outlets involved, so we will begin those campaign pitches early for 2019. More contracted staff, and continued work around organizing the moving parts (volunteers, models, vendors, etc.) for the years ahead.
A.D. Reigns:  What legacy would you like to leave on the fashion world?
Mallory B. Richardson: One that identifies the limitless opportunities available if we just seek them out.  I model, I influence, and I produce, not to mention still a practicing styling and working philanthropist.  There isn't’ one way to be involved, so why try that way?  Open yourself up to the possibilities and let your talent, partner with your creativity and support system and do it.
Thank you Mallory for a great interview. I always enjoy seeing you and look forward to more from you and the ladies at Beaucoup and Crusade of Curves. If you want to keep up with Mallory and her evolution as a queen click the links provided.


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