Evolution of a Queen : Interview with Liris Crosse

You cannot be in the plus industry and not know the name Liris Crosse. In April I attended the 5th Anniversary of District of Curves with host Liris Crosse. I've been a fan of Liris since I saw her in BestMan. I had not started my modeling journey yet but she's been an inspiration to me ever since.  I've finally met this ever evolving Queen at the  2015 Full Figured Fashion Week and then attended her Life of A Working Model Bootcamp. If you are an aspiring model just getting started in the industry this is a bootcamp that can get you ready. She continues to be a light and gatekeeper to those coming behind her in the modeling industry.  I had the honor of interviewing this beautiful busy spirit after the event.
A.D. Reigns: What do you enjoy most about Hosting/ Modeling?
Liris: As far as hosting I enjoy getting out there commanding the audience and interacting with the people! There’s nothing like feeling the energy of the crowd. Recently I hosted District Of Curves and it was so fun to be in the MD/DC area and feel the love from hometown fans! As far as modeling, of course I love getting my hair and make up done to create my different model characters. I love the challenge of figuring out the most awesome way to display the clothes so they can sell their best.
A.D. Reigns Who or what inspires and motivates you daily?
Liris: My God-given purpose is what inspires me To keep pushing through every day no matter what. When you know what God has called you here on Earth to do then you just have to keep going because you never know who is relying on you to fill your purpose.
A.D. Reigns: Who are two of your Mentors and why?
Liris:  I would say my big sister Karin Haysbert is one of my greatest motivators. She’s an awesome life coach but I am lucky to have her as my blood big sister. She believes in me even when I sometimes doubt myself. She’s full of wisdom and love. Another would be Tyra Banks. I’ve never met her in person but I do admire her business acumen as she has transitioned from model to mogul. I learn from her from afar. I’d love to do business with her.
A.D. Reigns: What doors do you feel you have opened up within the fashion industry and other entertainment?
A.D. Reigns and Liris Crosse
Liris:  Well in the video vixen market I was instrumental into bringing fuller bodies into centerstage! It started from the Beenie Man “Who Am I” & Jay Z “Do It Again” videos. In fashion I am known as a pioneer in bringing size diversity and racial diversity on the runway and in fashion magazines. I was the 1st plus size model to shoot the Essence magazine swimsuit issue plus I did numerous editorials for them. But also appeared in magazines like American Vogue, British Cosmopolitan, Honey Magazine and more representing just that. Right now I am changing the face of the bridal and lingerie industries. I currently have a lingerie campaign with Curvy Couture Intimates where I am on their signage and trade booklet! I’m also the first plus and black model to lead a campaign for bridal retailer Maggie Sottero Designs! In the bridal world you hardly see plus size or black brides represented and I couldn’t pick a better company to be aligned with to create this change! I’m literally living the change I’ve wanted to see for years and women have been reaching out to me thanking me for it!
A.D. Reigns: Who are some of your favorite designers, photographers, and or models?
Liris: : My favorite all time designer is indie designer William Henry Rawls! He’s totally my aesthetic! I also love Versace since I was a lil girl cause it’s sexy and bold. One of my favorite all time photographers I ever worked with is Carlo Dalla Chiesa. I haven’t seen him in years but he’s still one of my faves. I also love Keith Major, he’s a legend. I’d love to work with Mertalas or Steven Meisel one day. As far as models, everyone knows that Naomi Campbell is my all-time favorite because from the runway to editorial she slays! I’m also obsessed with curve model Khrystana, she was on the recent America’s Next Top Model but I knew her before it. She is just so innovative and transformative in front of the camera so she always has me in awe!
A.D. Reigns: I've attended your bootcamp a couple years back. It was awesome. A wealth of information. So, What’s next for Life of a Working Model Bootcamp?
Liris:  We are planning to return this summer bigger and better with a expanded direction. I can’t give it away but stay tuned!
A.D. Reigns: If there were a Liris Crosse Clothing line what would it look like?
Liris: It would be sexy but classy dresses that are timeless so you can keep in your closet for more than a year. Denim with great fit! Sexy lingerie for daily wear, fitness and sexy time. Swimwear for a variety of body types. Lots of color all around!
A.D. Reigns: What are some of your latest and upcoming projects?
Liris:  Well I currently have #TheModelDiversityProject which I co-created with celebrity makeup artist Christopher Michael pushing for change in the industry! You can see more about it on LirisC.com .  I have my campaigns running with Curvy Couture and Maggie Sottero. I’m also finishing up writing my first book “Make The World Your Runway” available for pre-order on my site as well. I am hosting CrazySexyCurves in St Louis with Honey’s Child Boutique! I’m speaking at the LEAP conference in Orlando in October as well so I can’t wait to pour into those women! Lots of hosting and speaking opportunities on the horizon!
A.D. Reigns: What legacy would you like to leave on the fashion world?
Liris: :That I was here like that Beyonce song! I lived, loved and was here lol! But also my love and honor for God. I hope that women for many years remember all the faith steps and determination I have used to create paths for size diversity and racial diversity so they could see a piece of themselves in fashion and entertainment. I WAS HERE!


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