Billionaires Row Birthday Bash

Talk about a celebration. The Benson's know to how to throw a birthday bash. Over the weekend I had the pleasure to celebrate the birthday of Danni Benson. The wife of CEO William Benson of Billionaires Row. The event  was held at the Vnyl in Manhattan on 3rd Avenue. Three floors of non-stop partying. As the crowd begin to gather awaiting the arrival of the Queen. The bottles of Billionaires Row champagne and brandy were ready for the celebration to begin.
The Bensons party in style. The Queen arrived in red and white floral floor length gown. With red sparkle shoes that Dorothy from Wizard of Oz would envy.  The Queen greeted her guest with kisses, hugs and photos. 
The Queen Danni and her Day 1 ladies were the centerpieces to every photo. Of course no party would be complete without the serenade of the Happy Birthday song. Then the queen said let them eat cake. Guest partied and danced well into the morning.  The party-goers that remain closed out the morning with a small prayer and a invite from the birthday queen for brunch the next day.  This was an awesome party with the Benson's . 

A.D. Reigns and CEO of Billionaires Row William Benson


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