From Overlooked to Booked Workshop

Overlooked to Booked Interactive Workshop was nothing less than phenomenal. Ms. Aushia Smith founder of Reussir School of Modeling, Acting and Refinement gave us an awesome event and created a platform for anyone that wanted to hone their acting, modeling or other creative talents. The goal was to not only give information about the entertainment industry but for participants to interact with the panelist and leave with the practical tools necessary for them to get booked in their respective fields. The panel of speakers were dynamic and delivered a wealth of information. This interactive session included an on site model casting, professional head shots, tutorials and auditions with Mitch Credle, Bruce Blackshear and Khail Kain. 

Aushia Smith, Alexandra Boos, and Dani Sauter
The event opened with Dani Sauter of Blonde in the District Blog. She was spectacular. With a background in marketing and working for the Department of Defense. Dani started her blog to have an outlet for her creativity and fashion sense. She gave so much encouragement and information about being a blogger. She charged us to find what makes you unique as a blogger and build a community around your brand. Her advice to bloggers was to hustle, be relatable, sell your personality, and put in the work.  Next up was none other than Alexandra Boos native of Washington,DC. This explosive bombshell owned the room. As a fashion pioneer who has worked as a Ford model, and brand consultant she ushered in plus size designs from Liz Claiborne to Tommy Hilfiger. Alexandra took her gifts in fashion and marketing to develop plus size talent and is launching several plus size clothing lines. Alexandra's message to the audience was to "Honor the way you are wired." Great words of wisdom. 
 Mr.Bruce Blackshear

Next up was film director, writer, producer,and author Mr. Mitch Credle of Safe House of DC, who gave us information about breaking into acting, getting noticed by networking and building relationships within the industry. Respect your craft and your will persevere.  Participants were invited to show off their talent by performing monologues for Mr. Credle. 

Actor and founder of Believe it Acting School Mr.Bruce Blackshear and veteran actor Mr. Khail Kain followed up with showing participants how movie auditions are done. This duo teamed up to engage the acting participants in casting for directors and producers. They shared about the ins and outs of the entertainment industry. They taught us how to be prepared when coming to a callback. What should you expect after your audition? What does your head shot need to look like? Bruce gave a golden nugget of wisdom "Your Plan B is to make Plan A work". 

Closing out the day was Dr. Shawn L. Stephens a business developer, singer, musician, investor, and so much more. Mr. Stephens gave us wisdom about the business of handling your business within any industry. Teaching that you can maintain your integrity, all while growing your brand and business. This event was amazing. Afterwards many didn't want to leave. The panel of speakers were well worth the investment. These principals can be applied within any aspect of your life or the entertainment industry. 

Aushia Smith and her team did an extraordinary job. This event blessed me as well as others. I can't wait to see what this powerhouse will do next year. Stay tuned. 


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