They did it again.... RVA Fall Fashion Week 2018 presented designers,  boutiques and models exquisitely.  From the venues selected, the models,  the hair and make up team, and the  variety in creations presented were nothing short of amazing. Whether you were in the mood for a classic, edgy, futuristic, young or casual look. The designers and boutiques had you covered. I was able to capture some behind the scenes candid photos. What happens to make those 15-20 seconds on the runway magically. Directors Jimmy Buddy, Marion Batts, Jameson Deloatch, Michael Hosteler, and Soliel Paden did a phenomenal job putting on this week of events. I always have a great time taking part in RVA Fashion Week.  If you ever get the chance to catch an event presented by RVA Fashion Week either in the Spring or Fall you are in for a treat.

 Photo Credit: Eyez of the Tygah PhotographyA.D. Reigns wearing ICONIC 7
                                                            Photo Credit: Eyez of the Tygah Photography 
                                                Jennifer Owner of Iconic 7 and A.D. Reigns                                                                 

Photo Credit: Raleigh Marketing Jimmy Buddy and A.D. Reigns
Hacked Hair Salon located at Stony Point Fashion Park provided the hair and make up creations for the event. The make-up artist and hairstylist did an amazing job with all the models. 
Photo Credit: A.D. Reigns BTS with Hacked Hair Salon
Photo Credit: A.D. Reigns Behind the scenes with RVA models and Directors

Photo Credit: A.D. Reigns Before and After Make up by Emily Steele 
Photo Credit: A.D. Reigns Fashions from Prototype,Abydis, Andrew Wolfe, and Noye


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