The Chrysalis Boutique-Starting a business

Soooooo. I'm starting a business. I'm excited, nervous and determined.  With everything I have going on I've got the nerve to start a business. As a child,  I knew wanted to be a CEO. I love music so much I thought it would be a record label. God has a way of motivating you to get to your intended destination.  The desire to pursue this venture comes for a variety of reasons.  I've been with my current employer for over seventeen years. I'm still bewildered by that number. It's been a great source of income and other revenue.  Most of my coworkers have been a hair client at one time or another. As a single mother that helped out a lot.  Lately I've felt unfulfilled with the job. I know there is more to this life than this nine to five.  I used to love my job and now it's a push to get out the bed to go. I help people with mental health disabilities with their finances. For a time this was fulfilling however, these days things have changed at the job. The benefits aren't what they used to be and neither is management. 
I'm at a point in my life I want more, I can afford to take some risk and step out by faith. I want to leave a legacy for my family and a nine to five alone won't leave the kind of legacy I want them to have. So with that I'm beginning one of many endeavors to build a legacy. My grandparents were entrepreneurs and with their businesses they were able to put all three sons thru college, own several properties and parcels of land. Their legacy was enough to bless their children,grandchildren ,and great-grandchildren.  This is what I want for my children. 

The Chrysalis Boutique is one of many businesses I have planned.  I have a degree is in business management. So it's time to put the degree to work so we can get these student loans paid. So I've written the business plans, filed the LLC, got the registered agent, trademarked/copyright my logos, filed the DBAs, got the business licenses, ordered inventory and supplies. So now the real work begins. Follow me on my journey. Welcome to The Chrysalis Boutique. You can visit our website by clicking the link. Happy shopping!!!


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