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9th Annual RVA Fashion Week

This is my 3rd year participating as a model for RVA Fashion Week  in Richmond, Virginia. I love working with this team. The team consist of the area's top models, leading designers, producers, choreographers, make artist and stylists. RVA Fashion week showcases many of the industry's top organizations, local businesses and charities. Every year, RVA Fashion Week collaborates with local businesses and designers to display Richmond's style, creativity, culture, thru fashion.  They are always well put together and execute the week of events in a spirit of excellence. The Executive Director of the Show and the Models is Ms. Marion Batts and her team take pride in the show and the presentation of the show. From the vendors, the models, photographers and the make-up artist they treat everyone involved with the show with dignity, respect and great care. I got a chance to speak with Marion backstage on the day after she was sick with food poisoning. She was a leader until the e