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Checks and Balances

Checks and balances....A day in the life of this queen is non-stop. My schedule is planned a month in advance. A full-time job, a full-time husband and sons, making time for family events, setting up 3 businesses, preparing our personal finances to buy a second home, photo shoots , fashion shows, content for the blog, getting on a social media schedule, scheduling clients for hair appointments, finding ways to increase my income and reduce debt, opening my online boutique, selling property, dealing with disgruntled family members and maintaining the few true friendships I have.  I'm forever planning, building, laying foundation, or maintaining something, and all the while with a smile.  When do I find the time to balance this life? My peace is found in prayer. My balance is the small moments with my family laughing, cooking, sitting on my porch, listening to music with my husband, and remembering why I'm doing all this in the first place. To have a legacy to leave my child

Growing Pains

Well I'm half way thru the month and I've made it thru two fashion shows and two birthdays my oldest son twenty-one years old and the youngest turned three. Witnessing my first born turn twenty-one and find his way in this world has been the hardest thing to watch.  My daily confession has always been Lord, I trust you with my son. I have confessed that  incessantly  in the last two years.  We didn't have a hard strenuous relationship when he was young. He stayed clear of trouble and we were always able to talk openly. I recall telling him when he turned 17 that our relationship was about to change and it was going to be hard. That statement rang true sooner than later. In the last two years, I’ve cried, questioned who I was as a mother and blamed myself for where he was in life. Had I given him too much? Where did I miss it? How did we get here? My husband gave me some much needed tough love. I am a good parent, but he was growing up and I had to let him. In life there ar


They did it again.... RVA Fall Fashion Week 2018 presented designers,  boutiques and models exquisitely.  From the venues selected, the models,  the hair and make up team, and the  variety in creations presented were nothing short of amazing. Whether you were in the mood for a classic, edgy, futuristic, young or casual look. The designers and boutiques had you covered. I was able to capture some behind the scenes candid photos. What happens to make those 15-20 seconds on the runway magically. Directors Jimmy Buddy , Marion Batts, Jameson Deloatch , Michael Hosteler , and Soliel Paden did a phenomenal job putting on this week of events. I always have a great time taking part in RVA Fashion Week.  If you ever get the chance to catch an event presented by RVA Fashion Week either in the Spring or Fall you are in for a treat.   Photo Credit: Eyez of the Tygah Photography A.D. Reigns wearing  ICONIC 7                                                              Photo Credit: Eye