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The Beauty I See...Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

My first time in Central Park was amazing. This is the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain it was absolutely amazing. I love buildings and different architectural structures. This one took a lot of time to create and spoke life to me. The Terreace was designed by Calvert Vaux with sculptural decoration by Jacob Wrey Mould, the details of the ceiling and the colors used here were exquisite. I was able to capture these shots before my photoshoot. I fell in love with this place . I plan to shoot here again. The rain during this shoot gave me life and added dimension to the photos. I love shooting in the reign....and yes that was a play on my name. Enjoy the beauty I see within my lens. Stay tuned.

The Beauty I See....... in Brooklyn Bridge Park

This will be the segment in my blog where I will capture the beauty I see around me. I love to travel, to meet new people, experience new places and food. As a model and blogger I get to travel and do the things I love.  I've decided to share the beauty I see. Growing up in the military I lived in a few different places as a child however, I am now equipped with a camera when I go. Now I'm able to capture the beauty around me. And, Oh the beauty I see everytime I come to NYC. My husband is a Brooklyn native so when we get the chance I get to be a tourist. I love exploring new places. These shots were taken at Brooklyn Bridge Park. This view took my breath away. I hope you enjoy the beauty I see within my lens. Stay tuned.