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Walking with Innovators Gwen Devoe and Sharon Quinn

         When the Innovators of Full-Figured Fashion Week offer a Runway Intensive Class you make moves to be in that class. I could not pass up this opportunity to gain knowledge and training with these two powerhouses. This was a first come first serve opportunity. This was a small intimate class offered by founder and CEO of Full-Figured Fashion Week Ms. Gwen DeVoe and The Runway Diva Ms. Sharon Quinn. If you missed this, let me tell you this was a game changing opportunity. Let me give you some of the highlights from this intimate session.      Mogul Gwen Devoe and Runway Diva Sharon Quinn with Silver Foxes and Runway Diva in Training  The class consisted of about 15-20 women. Most of the women that attended are models at different stages in their careers. Opening the class we discussed some of the industry standards, the body positive movement, composite cards, posing, selecting a team for your photo shoots . As well as how not to be type cast within the indust